Fitgenie is a fitness motivator & fitness centres aggregator bundled into one app. It connects fitness centres from over 20 different genres (swimming, zumba, gym, martial arts etc) to hundreds of users who are either getting started on their fitness journey or the fitness enthusiasts who want to try different activities without committing to long term memberships. 

The Project

Fitgenie came to me as a rough, high level, unpolished concept. The client wanted to build something in the health and nutrition space which appealed to fitness lovers. Neither of the founders had a clear idea on what the end product is going to be but they were highly motivated & had already identified a set of fitness centres who would help get the project off the ground.

They wanted to run a pilot project within a small, controlled demographic region before scaling it up country wide.

User Research

One of the first UX challenges in this project was to correctly understand and validate the target user. We did a lot of brainstorming and decided to go out and meet the users who we thought would be a good fit to the product. Since fitness is a personal subject, the user interviews had to be done in person.

I went to numerous fitness centres where we had contacts in, and spoke to them at length. Since we didn’t have a prototype of the product, we walked them through the overall idea and tried to get their feedback on it. In the first few meetings, we quickly understood that our initial target user was a mismatch and there was something more we can do.

User Journey & Preliminary Logic

Information Architecture


Market Study / Competitive Analysis

Persona Research


Visual Design

Unfortunately the client had made some commitments to a launch date, so we had very little time left for the visual design. Since the time was short, we decided to go with a clean, minimal look for the first phase. During our user research phase, we also found that our majority of users would be Android phone users. So we went ahead with Google’s material design colors.

We tried dozens of color combinations to see which ones appeal to the target users the most. The idea was to give the app a fresh and vibrant look, while keeping it subtle enough to be used every day.

The pilot project (first phase) was successfully launched in Thane, Maharastra in May 2017. The rest of the product (more features, pedometer etc) is being gradually released in the next few months. This case study will be updated as and when more features are released.

Fitgenie is a fitness centre aggregator which also acts as a personal coach based on complex algorithms & an entry level AI which helps the users get started & succeed in their fitness journey. If you have a similar project and you’re looking for someone over a decade of experience in designing, we should talk.