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Be shocking. Be daring. Be bold. Be passionate.

Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.

From the early childhood, we get trained to seek permission for changing things, to do things. Think about it, you take permission from your family, boss, teacher, the local authorities, and the society all your life. It starts feeling so natural that we consider it right, until you eventually realise it’s not. If you seek mental freedom and really want to do something in life, stop asking for permission. You cannot please everyone. Sacrificing your own ideas or desires, only to accommodate the beliefs of another person regarding your actions and life is ridiculous!

How often do you hear, your family or a loved one quip, ‘Do you realize how X took risks; no wonder today he/she is [successful/ popular/rich]’? This is not their way to lowball you, they want you to be as successful as X. Still, they will not let you to do things differently. Even then, you believe that obeying them is your duty. You obey the society; obey your seniors, bosses and managers, seek permission for every small thing. You do not realize that it shows you poorly. Your co-workers consider you naive. Even your managers start assuming that you simply do not take risks or initiative. This naturally sucks. You knowingly become a coward. Do you want that?

Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life or run your business. Listen to all the advice, then decide for yourself, and be proud.

Stop asking. When you have an incredible idea and some faith in yourself, go ahead do it, even if you know you will not get the permission. This is not abusing the situation, but knowing when you should push boundaries. It does not matter that the chance of success is slim, it is still worth doing. Do not fear embarrassment. Ask forgiveness from people you might have affected. It is also worth doing. Be sure to do the homework. Understand related risks. Remember that it is okay to fail. Do not feel afraid when taking bold decisions or fear failure. In case you fail, just dust up and try again. Buckle up, apologize to people you may have disappointed. Be sincere, be honest. Tell them why you tried and that you will do this again. You do not have to sell them your idea. Most importantly, you do not need to seek their permission.

Everyone makes mistakes. Some do this more than others. We often fail. But it’s because we try. We are pushing boundaries of what is possible, what is comfortable, and what is acceptable. Do not let someone determine what you can do or cannot do. Simply go ahead and change stuff, ask questions, make people uncomfortable, create incredible things, visit new places, seek new adventures, start new relationships, travel, and break things. Do whatever that the heart fancies.

When the end comes, we regret chances we did not take, decisions we were too afraid to make or relationships we failed to have.

Take pride in making mistakes. Be proud of pushing boundaries. Take pride in helping the human race move forward. Do not consider turns-downs failures; they are the driving force.

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